The Process of Owning a SmartHomeADU

Initial Site Evaluation

By providing your home address of where you are considering putting a SmartHomeADU unit, we can pre qualify your land/backyard based on a few factors.

-Is there adequate space in the backyard for a SHA unit based on your city’s guidelines under the ADU?

-Will our delivery truck fit through your street and be able to access the backyard either directly or with the use of a crane to place the SHA unit?

Site Assessment

Once we have determined a SHA unit can fit and is allowed in your property, SHA will arrange an Initial Site Assessment from a contractor of your choice or one of SHA’s contractors.

The contractor will determine:

-Electrical: Size of your current main service panel and what is needed to connect the SHA unit.

-Water: How far is the main water supply and best route to run a new line

-Sewer: How far is the main sewer line going to be the from the SHA unit.

-Foundation: What type of ground is currently on the proposed space and what is required per city code under the ADU guidelines. The process may also include Soil Testing.

-Distance for Delivery: How far is our delivery trucks access point from the placement of the SHA unit. (Is a crane to lift and place SHA unit in your backyard?).

Financing And Contract

After a final assessment of your total cost we can help connect you with a lender for financing if needed. We also accept cash or credit card (fees apply). A 50% deposit is required upon signing of contract and final order detail.

Civil and Structural Plans Submission to City and Plans for Utility Company

Your selected contractor can now proceed with all necessary plans for submission and approval by your city’s building department as well as approval from your utilities provider. This process varies in time from city to city and can last a few months prior to approval.

Site Construction of Foundation and All Connections

Once permits are approved by the city work on foundation and all site connections can proceed. 

Delivery and Connection to Foundation

Once the site is ready to receive SHA unit, we will deliver and place/connect unit to foundation. SHA unit will include in the delivery of all appliances, cabinetry for kitchen and bath, all insulation and wall materials for installation by contractor. SHA unit comes with walls to allow for city inspection of all electrical and plumbing lines which are all in place (roughed in). Once city gives final approval, only then can walls and all finishes can be installed.

Final City Inspection

Once all interior finishes are done by the contractor it is ready for the final city inspection.

Welcome home to your new SmartHomeADU!